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Level 1 Accounts written by Seanza, 2009-09-11 08:43 CEST (4 comments)

Due to recent abuse of the upgrade bug found in WolfPRO, we ask ALL players to use Level 1 accounts (no gold, no upgrades). This will ensure that nobody can be accused of using upgrades and causes a lot less drama!

Please make sure your account name is the same or similar to your player name on this site.

For those of you who only have one account (I know there are a few of you out there), contact the person who made your account and ask them to either create a new one, or delete & remake your current one.

Thanks for your time.

Season 3 Signups OPEN! written by Seanza, 2009-09-07 19:34 CEST (7 comments)

Hello & welcome to the 3rd edition of this Wolfenstein cup.

After the great success of seasons 1 & 2, we've decided to create another cup for this coming Sunday!

To compete in this cup, you need a working copy of Wolfenstein for the PC, a team, WolfPro 0.1b & sportsmanship.

The cup will begin at 20:00 CET on Sunday 13th September 2009. We're aiming for 32 teams. It's single elimination. There will be 1 map per round & the maps will be played in this order:

  • Round 1: mp_manor (20:00 CET)
  • Round 2: mp_hospital (20:30 CET)
  • Round 3: mp_bank (21:00 CET)
  • Round 4: mp_facility (21:30 CET)
  • Round 5: Each team will pick a map from the maplist (22:00 CET)

Your admins:
ManKo (StSaint)

The rules are displayed on the left, click the link to view them.

Please have atleast 1 player from your team in #wolfenstein.gather in order for your opponent to contact you easily.

Signups will be closing at 23:59 CET on 12/09/09.


And the winners are... written by Seanza, 2009-09-06 22:12 CEST (8 comments)

Congratulations to one4one on winning season 2!

Their cup journey:
  • Round 1: BYE
  • Round 2: Hyperion Gaming (2:0)
  • Round 3: roYality eSports (2:0)
  • Round 4: Star (2:0)
  • Round 5: Team Helix (4:0)

Cup Standings
Team Helix
Team Affliction

Thanks to all teams & players for being well behaved & easy to work with. It makes an admin's life MUCH easier when this is the case.

Special thanks to FimS for providing an awesome videostream shoutcast to everyone.

See you next season!

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